1. On the Media pulls back the curtain on Storage Wars


    The recent On the Media segment “Reality TV is Even Faker Than You Think” included a brief exposé on the show Storage Wars, which was discussed in a few episodes of the Giant Bombcast (incidentally, those discussions are included in our upcoming best-of).

    As it turns out, Storage Wars is as fake as Jeff thought it might be. We learn that:

    • The appraisers (those “professionals” that say what the items might be worth) are actors whose lines are scripted.
    • The bidders (the stars that compete for the lots) are actors whose lines are scripted.
    • Most egregiously, the items inside the storage lots are usually planted. Producers go to antique/pawn stores, buy up anything that looks good, and plant those things inside the containers.

    So, Storage Wars is mostly fake. Does that make it worse… or somehow (ironically) better?

    (Source: onthemedia.org)


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    yeah bateman. Did you not see the episode where they spent ten minutes freaking out that they found a super rare NES...
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    it doesn’t have to be real to be entertaining
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    poor Astral
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